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 Post subject: Re: Buying a Rav4 outside of CA
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:32 pm 

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Please help me!

I’m looking into buying a 2014 Toyota RAV4 EV and I live in Maryland. I called 2 of my closest Toyota dealers, first one only was aware of the early 2003 models and not the 2012-2014 models, bad sign one, I asked if they had full EV full Electric certified techs and manager said no. I asked if they had a rep in the area who was and they called while I was on the phone and the guy said no one in Maryland is certified. Then called second dealer and dealer mananger was a woman who knew of the 2012-2014 EV line, said she had 2 certified techs on staff to work on them and the full electric high voltage drive train!! She was also fully understanding that I was cautious to believe her. What can I ask for her to tell me or show me that would confirm her 2 techs are RAV4 2012-2014 total EV total electric high voltage certified!

She said she actually had one customer who brings his 2013 RAV4 EV in for work and she feels they have worked on the high voltage drive train! I hope someone can tell me what to ask or see to confirm this! I’m going to the dealer today after work to talk to her in person to verify! Please help!!! :roll:

 Post subject: Re: Buying a Rav4 outside of CA
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:00 pm 

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If you read the pages of this thread prior to your post, you'll note a few important points for your purchase consideration.

One is that it seems to be to your benefit to spring for the Toyota Platinum extended warranty. We did so for both of our non-California vehicles, as they were purchased from a Toyota dealer and qualified in terms of miles accumulated and year of manufacture. It was curious to see that both dealers offering the warranty had different pricing, but I was able to talk the higher price down a bit. I suspect one does not have to purchase this warranty from the dealer from whom the vehicle was purchased, although I did not know that at the time. I suspect that the higher priced dealer didn't want me to approach the lower priced dealer and take away a sale.

The cost of repairing one of these vehicles out of warranty is frightening. I think I could buy a new model EV for the cost of some of the more severe problem repairs. There's just nothing else out there in the EV world to match this wonderful SUV/EV combo, at least not at these affordable prices.

From my reading, I'm going to believe what others have posted and that if there's a problem with a covered vehicle, the local Toyota dealer will get support from the national resources, even to the point of transporting qualified personnel to the dealer for repair. I'm thankful I have not had to test this aspect of the warranty coverage. I don't mind the expense of the extended warranty even if it never gets used. The peace of mind it provides from bankruptcy-level repair costs more than justifies the expense.

I don't think you have to validate or verify that a specific location is qualified to perform service on your vehicle, unless you expect out-of-warranty problems.

Your mileage may vary. California mileage will be less.
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