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Author:  hokiematt [ Mon Jan 11, 2021 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Preferred Dealers for Repairs / Warranty

dstjohn99 wrote:
Anyhow, the issue is reported as code TMCD0013, battery coolant malfunction - needs further diagnosis from the batter coolant heater to ECU; unable to reset the light.

Does anyone have any knowledge of or experience with this code TMCD0013?

The code is actually "THC_d0013 Battery Coolant Heater Malfunction"

The first step in diagnostics listed in the service manual is to check your 12V battery, as this error code can be improperly set by a drop in the 12V battery voltage. Batteries more than 3 years old are often suspect.

Beyond that, it's either a problem in the wiring harness (which is what your dealer was proposing to check next), a problem with the thermal controller (located in the right rear cargo area, and rarely at fault), or a malfunctioning battery coolant heater (most likely culprit, after the wiring and 12V system has been ruled out).

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