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 Post subject: Driver Side Vents Blow Hot Air even if LO+SYNC+A/COFF+NORMAL
PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:31 am 

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So ~

This is weird and just started to happens a couple of weeks ago. I think it happens when the EXT Temp gets below 59 or 60. The air from the driver side, my side of course!, begins to blow hot air. I keep checking and I have LO + SYNC+ AC OFF + NORMAL set and have checked the passenger side and the cold outside air, because its in the low 50's, comes in un changed. It is only happening on my side.

I don't know what to do and it is bizarre. I don't believe it affects my range on the dash, but I am sure it is slowly consuming my battery power. The hot air isn't that hot, but once at low 50's you can easily tell hot air is blowing in.

Of course every time this happens I turn on the car fan pressing the fan button. However, if this is just 'happening' it makes me worried that the heating elements are just staying on even if the fan is not on blowing air out. Last night I touched the top of the dash behind the middle vents and it was a little warm. The car was on.

Not sure what to think of this. The only weird thing I did a few months back is that I blew the fuse on the ac power plug and replaced it with a same sized 15 amp blue mini blade fuse. I highly doubt that did anything.

In a way I guess its uh kind of nice. I mean it is cold at night, but I find it bizarre. Any thoughts on this?

Makes me want to make a list of all the issues I've had with the rav4 ev :P

1.- Bottom portion of the Left rear passenger handle snapped. I super glued back into place a few times already. Turns out the handle is actually half a handle and hollow inside (Top pops off).
2.- Lead Acid Battery began fuming. Almost killed me. Replaced with Tony's AGM suggestion.
3.- Cabin fan ball bearing started whining. Thankfully though it has stopped, but it might start up again.
4.- Rav4 EV let's out a crack noise when going from D to R (Or the other way around) and accelerating. Also when braking hard. People have suggested it could be the constant velocity joints? Also, occurs when flooring in sport mode (Not using anymore due to this until I get the car into the shop).
5.- Driver side left 'arm rest?' (Has white diamond trim) collapsed into the door. So needs to be replaced.
6.- Driver side vent blows warm air once temp goes below 60f even though LO+SYNC+A/C OFF+NORMAL is selected.

Another issue is that I think the winding down noise from the E motor has gotten louder after I've been driving a few times a week up hill on the FWY @ 85 ish mph. I think!

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