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6 Years in our Rav4 EV
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Author:  snoltor [ Mon May 13, 2019 10:35 pm ]
Post subject:  6 Years in our Rav4 EV

Our 2012 Toyota Rav4 EV is now six years old and still going strong. We've logged 81,500 miles so far. For the first 5 years the Rav was our primary car and we drove about 14-15,000 miles a year. One year ago we got a new EV and the Rav became our secondary family car so we drive it a bit less, 9,000 miles the last year.


My wife drives it more often than me on weekdays lately. Through the winter she was getting 100-102 miles on the GOM per standard charge (we have mild winters). One day the standard charge yielded 102 on the GOM, and after the standard charge finished I switched to extended charge and that gave us another 10 miles. I haven't done the Tony test in a long time so I'm not sure where we're at in terms of % degradation.

Major events:

May 2013: bought the car
Feb 2015: first drive unit replaced at 25k miles
Sept 2015: JdeMO installed
April 2016: Rav was rear ended. Rear door and bumper replaced, bill to the other guy's insurance was ~$5,000
April 2017: second drive unit placed at 57k miles
May 2019: 6 years, 81,500 miles, drive unit silent, all looking good.

We're still loving the car.

Author:  geo [ Tue May 14, 2019 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 6 Years in our Rav4 EV

I'm about 6 years in RAV4 EVs as well. Unfortunately, my 2013 was totaled 11 months after I got it, so I'm 5 years in on my second one (2014). It's also my daily driver, Jdemo installed at about 30K, drive unit replaced at about 40K. Still going strong.

I am starting to look fondly at the longer range electric SUVs that are starting to pop up. The Kia Niro looks interesting, but I might wait until the VW Crozz and Model Y hit the market before making the switch. A bigger battery would make trips to Mammoth and into the mountains more feasible.

Author:  smkettner [ Wed May 15, 2019 2:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 6 Years in our Rav4 EV

So glad to hear there are some that do fairly well. I won't list my issues but to say I was very happy to trade it off for an I-Pace. Loved the RAV while it ran.

Author:  miimura [ Wed May 15, 2019 6:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 6 Years in our Rav4 EV

I passed 6 years also. The only significant work has been the drive unit replacement for noise just before 5 years and the Powertrain Warranty expiration. It only took 2 weeks for diagnosis to replacement at Magnussen's Palo Alto. I had a couple Charge Interruption messages at about the 3 year point but they went away and never amounted to anything. The on-board charger was replaced when the car was new before I even bought it. It is in the vehicle history on the Toyota Owner's site.
The JdeMO makes this a great regional car for the Bay Area. Of course, the Model 3 is unmatched for inter-city travel like going to LA. The charge rate and efficiency are unbeatable, especially now that the LR pack can charge at >140kW. I keep trying to make an excuse to take a trip to try out the increased charge rate. Maybe I will take time to go see a SpaceX launch at Vandenburg.

Author:  n3ckf [ Sun May 19, 2019 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 6 Years in our Rav4 EV

ive had mine since May 13 2013 and now have about 86K miles on it.
Still use it as my "2nd" electric car and when i need to haul things within 30-40 miles of my house (I no longer live int he Bay Area where i used it to commute but it still gets used at least 3-4 days a week now just for shorter distances).

Drive unit replaced at 25K miles but nothing else "major" done to it. I got a couple of "check EV" symptoms but they went away...
It has JDEMO although i use it a lot less (mainly if i drive it over to Sacramento now)

Its still quite a useful vehicle to me (even though i also own a Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor (not Performance)) now.

Author:  TonyWilliams [ Tue May 21, 2019 9:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 6 Years in our Rav4 EV

My 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV now has 111,000 miles.

Nov 2012 - Purchased new (traded in 2012 Nissan LEAF)
Nov 2012 - melted vehicle J1772 inlet with a crappy Blink charge station
2013 - 11k miles - motor assembly replaced
2013 - trailer hitch receiver added
2014 - 40k miles - new Michelin Defender tires
2014 - new 12 volt battery
2014 - JdeMO
2015 - new 12 volt battery (Bosch AGM - 60ah - Group 24F)
2015 - purchased 7 year / 125,000 mile extended warranty
2017 - 90k miles - cabin heater, onboard vehicle charger, motor assembly replaced
2018 - recovered seats with black leather
2018 - 100k miles - new Michelin X-tour (Costco version of Defender II)
2019 - 110k miles - replaced main traction battery (20-40% degraded), new floor mats
Nov 2019 - extended warranty expires

Author:  miimura [ Tue May 21, 2019 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 6 Years in our Rav4 EV

The Bosch AGM battery is Group 24F, not 27F.

Was the traction battery replaced under warranty or did you swap it yourself from another car?

Author:  TonyWilliams [ Fri May 24, 2019 4:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 6 Years in our Rav4 EV

miimura wrote:
The Bosch AGM battery is Group 24F, not 27F.

Was the traction battery replaced under warranty or did you swap it yourself from another car?

I fixed the misprint of the 12 volt battery group.

There isn’t any main traction battery degradation warranty. We just replaced it in my shop.

Author:  n3ckf [ Sat May 25, 2019 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 6 Years in our Rav4 EV

did you have a new battery sitting around? i might someday want to replace the one in mine (although my degredation is only about 18-20% now). However now that i have the Tesla i dont do long trips in the Rav4EV anymore.

Author:  eschatfische [ Sat May 25, 2019 8:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 6 Years in our Rav4 EV

Facebook reminded me that today was my 6 year anniversary of owning the RAV, so I thought I'd check in. We've put ~70k on ours.

The RAV has overall been a pretty good experience. The only non-software issue we've had was with the propulsion unit noise, which became very severe in 2015, and we had it replaced in October of 2015. The new motor was silent, but now has developed a (different) whine, although not yet bad enough to get it replaced. We'll have to see how bad it gets over the next couple of years. We've only had around 10% degradation, and can still add substantial charge (what would be around 2 bars worth) with Extended Charge.

We've been a little surprised that the car has performed largely without trouble here in the frozen winters of Wisconsin. There have been a few times during temperatures below -10F that we've had to wait a minute or two for the battery to warm up, and obviously the range is impacted on those days, but it's still a daily driver for my wife and I. (The original heater still works, too!)

What I've been most surprised by is how the EV market has changed over this time; it's taken a radically different direction than I thought it would. While I was a huge fan of what Tesla was doing back in the early part of the decade, that was when they were focused on fast and reasonably affordable ways to avoid the problems of ICE cars. These days, they seem to be focused less on that core proposition and more on what I think is a hypothetical and problematic approach to autonomous driving; people seem to be buying Teslas more as an experimental technology platform than as a high-performance way to avoid gas. I increasingly distrust any announcements Musk makes as they become increasingly unlikely and impractical, and I have grave concerns about both their cost-cutting and their willingness to release self-driving features without what appears to be adequate testing. It feels genuinely strange to instinctively feel more worried about Tesla's future now than I was when I bought the RAV and they were barely on their feet. I'm not against self-driving cars, and I sure hope that I'm wrong about Tesla, but things look messier over there now than in 2013. (I've never owned any Tesla stock.)

At the same time, there's no question that BEVs have entered the public's imagination. When I told people 6 years ago that I bought a fully electric car, they looked at me like I had just told them I had bought a timeshare or joined Amway. These days, those same people are genuinely supportive and curious about EVs. Something really clicked in the public's imagination, and it feels like after this generation BEVs are here to stay.

So, that's the funny thing. While this has been without question the best car I've owned, and I'll certainly be getting another BEV, it's unlikely that my next car will be either a Toyota (given their abysmal support of both BEVs and this particular car) or Tesla (given my concerns about their current approach). It's genuinely surprising to me that there's still not another affordable mid-size SUV BEV. Perhaps my concerns about Tesla will be lessened by the Model Y, or the Bolt EUV will finally be out there. Fingers crossed.

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