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Milling noise FIX
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Author:  asavage [ Sun Feb 07, 2021 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Milling noise FIX

Electromagnetic shielding is placing a barrier between EMF or EMI, and the device to be protected. That is not what the drain brushes on the Tesla rotor are (supposed to be) doing.

If the SKF BB1-3793 rotor bearings have ceramic balls and nylon spacers, does anybody know why they are failing? Theoretically, these ceramic ball bearings should be more robust than the metal ball bearings typically used in lower-speed motor rotors. They can't be failing because of stray rotor current, if the bearings are nominally non-conductive.

Example Tesla Model S LRU rotor bearing wear noise.

Nathan said that the bearing with the most wear was the gearbox input pinion bearing, which is non-ceramic, but Jack Ricard's noisy bearing is the rotor idle end bearing, which should be ceramic (barring running revision changes; it's possible that Jack's example DU is an earlier version that might be pre-ceramic bearing).

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