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 Post subject: Daylight Running Lights (DRL’s) modification for Canada
PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 4:47 am 

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This post is to describe how to modify the Day Light Running Lights (DRL’s) on the RAV4 EV so that the DRL’s remain on even when the knob is set to “Off”. This is a mandatory requirement when importing the vehicle into Canada. In Canada, there must be no way for the inspector to shut off the DRL’s when the vehicle is in gear with the headlights off. It is ok for the DRL’s to go off or dim when the headlights are on. With this mod, the DRL’s will dim when the headlights are on and go bright when the headlights are off even with the switch in the “off” position. Warning!!! Do this at your own risk. I am not responsible.

Step 1) Located below the steering wheel, you will need to remove the center section of the knee panel. To do this, remove the four screws way down on the lip of the panel.
(Click link below for picture)

Step 2) You should now be able to remove the center panel with gentle tugs around it’s perimeter.

Step 3) You now must remove the bottom piece of the black plastic that surrounds the steering column. To do this, start by setting the emergency brake.

Step 4) Power up the car so you can turn the steering wheel. Turn the wheel one way and you will see a small hole you can place a small blade screw driver in. Insert the screw driver just a bit while trying to separate the bottom piece. Don’t push the screw driver in too hard. Once completed, turn the wheel the other way and do the second release.
(Click link below for picture)

Step 5) There is a third clip towards the bottom that you can just use your finger on and this should remove the bottom piece. The top section does not have to be removed.

Step 6) Confirm the Rav is in park and power it off.

Step 7) Just below the signal light stock, you will see some wires. Find the two white wires. One will have a black stripe.

Step 8) Go about 2 inches back from where the connector is and remove a small bit of insulation from both white wires. You can unplug the connector to make it easier. Careful not to cut the wire strands. I just used a knife and worked carefully.
(Click link below for picture)

Step 9) Using a solder iron, tin each wire separately and then connect them together with a bit more heat.
(Click link below for picture)

Step 10) Place a piece of electrical tape over the solder joint. Insert connector back in it's socket if you removed it.

Step 11) Power up the car by pressing your foot on the brake and press the power button. You should find the DRL’s bright when in “Off” and “DRL” modes. Dim if the headlights are on. When in “Auto” they will be bright with no headlights (daytime) and dim when headlights are on (night)

Step 12) Reassemble the parts in reverse order.

That's it. :)

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