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Hello to the Remaining Rav4 EV Owners Out There

My wife and I are still enjoying our Rav4 EV at 76K miles, after going through the typical early cycle of replacing the drive motor, etc. The car has been trouble-free for 20K miles or more.

I am sad to see that there are few postings being made, as the number of Rav4EV owners dwindles. I miss the excitement we all had in the 2012-2014 period when we were all so excited about owning such a unique and exciting vehicle.

We recently moved to San Diego County, where I thought I would see many more Rav4 EV's than in Riverside County, but I haven't seen one in our six months here at the coast. My Toyota service manager said that he sees about one or two a month come in for service.

I continue to have fun explaining the history of our vehicle when I see people trying to figure out what it is. I even see people in my rear-view mirror at a traffic light excitedly talking about it. I added some very nice Tesla stickers to the side door panels, which confuses people even more. Many a time, I have had to open the small door on the side panel of the cargo compartment to show the components that are labeled "Tesla" to prove my point.

In any case, for those few of us that are left, continue to have fun with our amazing vehicle.

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Re: Hello to the Remaining Rav4 EV Owners Out There

Well hello there!

Original Rav4 owner here, mine visited the shop in San Diego for a motor rebuild recently and runs like a top! (actually it sounds kinda like a top i suppose too...) Love the car.

If you want to see a large # of Rav4EVs, try Tony's shop (which is right near you). He always has 4 or 5 in the parking lot and 1 or 2 inside.

Great vehicle. I'm down to about 75-80 indicated miles on the guess-o-meter when charged now (at about 98K miles on the clock, all of them driven by me, this car was my daily driver for 4 years until i got my Tesla Model 3). Now its the "get groceries and visit Lowes" car, plus i use it when i drive to the airport and have to leave a car there for a week. (i do have to ChaDemo charge it once to do that, so i still use the JDEMO kit that i got installed on it (was one of the first 50 with one of those).

People often ask about it, *especially* if they see me charging it with JDEMO. They're like "what"? you charge under your hood?

I dont know how long i will keep the vehicle, probably until whenever i move out of California (which is a few more years probably)
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Re: Hello to the Remaining Rav4 EV Owners Out There

In my 2014, I commuted for four years, from Aug2017 to Oct2021, at 56 mi./day, from 49k to 101k. it was perfect for that commute, with my only gripe being that the ride is busy, even with tires deflated to "only" 35 PSI. For a regular route like that, just perfect.

I sorta semi-retired last Fall, and now almost all my driving is ad-hoc, and my plan is to move (back) to Whidbey Island soon, which is ~60 mi. long and has NO DCFC stations, none of any type, not CCS/CHAdeMO/Tesla proprietary, nothing. And Plugshare says only nine J-1772 public. Sigh. I will have a two-hour commute to my mother's place on the south end, and I fortunately installed another EVSE at here place a couple of years ago, making trips there a lot more comfortable; in winter, I'd have to drape a blanket over my thighs and legs and barely run defrost to make a round-trip to her place and back, what with wipers and headlights etc. Now, I plug in while there, and can afford to run the heater to comfort level.


The nearest CHAdeMO station to where I'll be moving, near the Costco that I'd be using (if I had JDemo installed), is in Burlington, and Plugshare feedback says it's frequently down. Nationwide, where the most people are or are traveling, charging infrastructure is getting better, fast. Just not where I've going to be for my next phase.

I had a HV contactor failure a couple of years ago; Toyota swapped out the HV pack for a "refurb" Tesla-supplied one, which promptly cut my range by ~10 miles (grrr) but it's still giving me ~85 mi. in winter (with heat) and ~105-110 in summer (with A/C). It it were to burn down or be totaled today, I'd just go buy another one: I like it that much.
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