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Re: High Battery Temp Power Output and Max Speed Limitedd

jfletter wrote: Fri Aug 19, 2022 3:59 pm ...
Let's see what Vlad comes up with.
Pay attention to the strange logic of the error messages.
The information display indicates that the battery is overheated when
a) her temperature is normal (22.5 C),
b) battery cooling pumps are serviceable and working,
c) inverter and stator temperature are normal,
d) the powertrain pump is actually faulty, which can be seen from the fault code and from the actual scandata.
This may be the cause of misunderstanding of the actual diagnostic data and conclusions based on its results.

plee12 RAV4EV data

Note. One of the possible causes of a pump malfunction may be the lack of a feedback signal.
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Re: High Battery Temp Power Output and Max Speed Limitedd


jfletter, thanks for your additional inputs.

I'm glad to report the suspected powertrain coolant pump was indeed the culprit. Replaced the pump today and took a test drive of 50+ miles and there was no problem at all.

I can't thank defergenson and Vladimir enough for the incredible outpouring of support I received. Kudos to them for putting another RAV4 EV back on the road within a short span of 7 days from initial diagnosis to ordering the replacement pump and to replacing the pump and coolant.

Also, last but not least, many thanks to eBay seller evpartsguy,, for supplying the correct Tesla replacement coolant pump.

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