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Re: Hello to the Remaining Rav4 EV Owners Out There

I followed the suggestions here: ... 155#p29155 so I had 500V and 50AMP Eaton (Bussman series) PN: FWH-50B in the charger when it blew the fuse(s) the second time. I moved my test procedures to the Technical DIscussions section.

I expected more people to say "hi" in this thread. Where are all the owners?
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Re: Hello to the Remaining Rav4 EV Owners Out There


I purchased my Rev4-EV September of 2014 and it's been a great car. The only thing I had to replaced was the onboard charger at 3 years still under warranty. My extended Platinum warrantee ends soon so I took the Rav in for a quick checkup as the motor was making more noise. Toyota and Tesla agreed to replace the motor and fortunately it will be covered. I only have ~44500 on the odometer.

I'll be getting new (rather remanufactured) motor. Does anyone know what the remanufacturing process entails? I assume new bearings, seals and I believe a grounding fix to the motor but not sure. I was told that the replacement motor will take between 6 weeks to 6 months to get. Guess Il be driving with a noisy motor for a while. ;)

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Re: Hello to the Remaining Rav4 EV Owners Out There

Six weeks is rather a long time for the short end of the estimate.

It appears that, rather then adding a rotor ground, the later versions removed the Aegis ground brush ring instead. Rotor bearings went to non-conductive "ceramic" balls and nylon cages. The reluctor chamber got a 5mm vent hole to the rotor cavity. Triple-lip seal went to single lip. Probably another dozen or two things.
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