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  1. J

    Longer Range Battery / Extra battery

    Exactly. Why spend $6000+ for a battery when there are so many other options now.
  2. J

    Should we sell our 2012 RAV4EV, almost 90k miles ?

    It depends on if you care about the money. If you need the money then yes. If you don’t, then run it into the ground. I love this car but I always tell people it’s a throw away car. I live outside of California and when they break, they are pretty much unfixable.
  3. J

    SELL AS-IS OR FIX MY 2013 RAV4 EV? Needs battery

    It’s almost always the contactors that went bad. You can replace them but it takes some work. You have to drop the battery pack and open it. It’s been done many times though. Many diy people have done it. Replacing Toyota Rav4 EV Contactors PLUS UPDATE on Rav4 issues
  4. J

    Hello to the Remaining Rav4 EV Owners Out There

    Hey guys. Great car! I wish I still had one of mine. Seeing as how you guys are mentioning batteries, here is a video in which I tried to fit Tesla Model S batteries into the existing case.
  5. J

    What are the towing capabilities with the Rav EV?

    Ive towed 3300lbs and it tows like its not even there. You need trailer brakes of course but handling, power, braking all were flawless.
  6. J

    Replacement head unit

    I dont think anyone but me is tinkering with this car anymore. I'm even thinking of moving on too. I do have a like new head unit for sale if you need a replacement.
  7. J

    Car won't charge / Onboard Charger Failure

    Lol. My wife is a big complainer. Don’t get her started on my Model X.... She didn’t want me to buy it in the first place and the nightmare of a time that I’ve head with Tesla has only made it worse.
  8. J

    Car won't charge / Onboard Charger Failure

    That really sucks. They are so hard to get to. So much has to come out in order to get to the charger. Do you have a warranty? Sounds like you need to tow it to a dealer.
  9. J

    Group Buy on "Powered by Tesla" License Plate Frames

    I have 2 license plates for sale if anyone is interested. The black one is the last one that was made from this groupbuy.
  10. J

    Advice for use of platinum warranty (out of state)?

    haha welcome to the club! You talk about days and weeks as if they were long periods of time. There are members here who have waited months for replacement parts that were covered under warranty. You have to understand, Tesla and Toyota dont care about this car. They would probably prefer that...
  11. J

    Interested in purchasing a salvaged or cheap Rav for parts

    i posted this almost 2 years ago. I have one now that I am parting out.
  12. J

    Jdemo Chademo Fast charger for sale

    Complete and working. $2000 shipped. [email protected]
  13. J

    Rav4 EV for sale, POST HERE ONLY

    I have 2 Rav4s for sale. Both blue, both located in Central NY. $17,000 and $17,500. Both operate perfectly, have warranties, and one has Jdemo. Once one sells Ill keep the other. I am offering a buyer a choice. We want to step up to a Model X and keep one of the two Ravs...
  14. J

    Value of a Rav4 EV roller?

    I have a dedicated parts car that I bought just in case my cars ever need anything. I currently have warranties on my 2 cars but I thought just in case. They havent needed anything, nothing! So I started to part it out on ebay. The big stuff sold fairly quickly but I still have 90% of a car...
  15. J

    Contractors not closing? HELP!!!

    I keep a 10mm wrench in my glove box just in case I ever need to disconnect the 12v battery. Thankfully it rarely gets used but that is the best way out of a jam.
  16. J

    Pursine inverter battery tap (+) and (-) for my Rav4EV

    I have a Princeton Power DRI-10. It has some quirks I am working out but it does work quite well. I have videos of it on my YouTube channel and more coming soon.
  17. J

    How to enable Low Speed Noise maker?

    This is the part. It’s mine. Let me know if you want it.
  18. J

    Car won't charge / Onboard Charger Failure

    If anyone needs any parts let me know. I have quite a few bits and pieces if anyone needs replacement stuff.