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    East Coast 2013 Rav4 EV for sale

    Hi, Please delete if not allowed here. I couldn't post in the for sale forum. I'm looking to sell my 2013 white/pearl Toyota Rav4 EV, currently in New Jersey. The vehicle has almost 33,000. Nothing wrong with the vehicle, just moving and downsizing to a one-car household. Please let me know...
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    Max Charge on GOM Down to 64 miles

    The outside temperature has been pretty cold, 30s (though it's on the upswing). I will have to work on getting my mi/kWh up. Thank you davewill and tgreene. :)
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    Max Charge on GOM Down to 64 miles

    Hi, I can't tell if it's just winter or the vehicle itself since it's still new to me, but My 2013 Rav4 EV (still under 29,000 miles) keeps stopping the 240V regular charge, saying it is fully charged, at only 64 miles (with no fans/heaters on). It may just be that I still have a ways to go...
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    East Coast NY/CT/NJ Owners

    Hi, I'm a new 2013 Rav4 EV owner in NJ. I have yet to see another around. Still struggling a bit to find the right service center to work on an open recall on my vehicle but I only purchased it in late November. Otherwise I love my Rav4 EV.
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    Toyota Representative for Rav4 EV - Thorn @ Toyota USA

    I think I got swindled in that respect...the dealer (not a Toyota one) made me sign something saying they assume no responsibility to get the recall done. At the time, I didn't think it would be such an ordeal, they were very comforting that any Toyota dealer who worked on hybrids could do it...
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    Toyota Representative for Rav4 EV - Thorn @ Toyota USA

    Hi, I am new to the Toyota Rav4 EV community. I just bought a 2013 and already feel like I signed up for some hard times when it comes to getting the proper care for my car here on the East Coast. The dealer I bought it from seems to have omitted the fact that they talked with Toyota service...