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    How much do you pay in electricity to charge your car

    I couldn't respond to this until now. I have had net metering 1.0 for 2 years (since January 2015) and I received the a letter that my plan is grandfathered in until January 2020. I also have net metering 2.0 in a different house and signed up for it in September 2017 and got a letter saying...
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    How much do you pay in electricity to charge your car

    I think you can sign up for EV-TOU2 until December and it would give you peak from 12-6pm. You'd be grandfathered into that rate for 5 years.
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    Would you buy out yours at lease end?

    My lease ended the first week of this month and I bought the car. I have 40K miles on it as well as the extended warranty. My lease was not an unlimited miles lease. My car has had its share of rather significant problems including 1. replacement of the traction battery at ~4K miles and 2. ECU...
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    Should Tesla HPWC Charging Stations be only for Teslas?

    Somebody has already done this adapter last year. Here's a link to the YouTube video.
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    Show us your TrueUp (Annual Solar Bill)

    I did have 3-4 EVs at one time for a short period including a 2011 LEAF, 2012 Volt, 2013 Rav4, and a 2015 Fiat 500e.
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    Show us your TrueUp (Annual Solar Bill)

    At my SDG&E true-up date, I paid $4.99. I lost $732 in credits that went unused even though I used 1,397 kWh more than I produced thanks to the beauty of TOU. This system supports a 4 bedroom house, a Rav4EV, Fiat 500e, and occasionally Volts. I also use OpenEVSEs that can be used to set...
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    Longer Range Battery / Extra battery

    Yay! I was hoping that this would come soon and that it's being done by my San Diego friend is a real treat! (Despite my preference for open source projects in the EV community). Developing a BMS as well as heating and cooling are musts that others who have added batteries to the Rav4 haven't...
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    California Electric Vehicle Submetering Pilot Program

    Did I interpret the above statement right that those who paid $450 for a JuiceBox to get a rebate is now out $450?
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    Car enthusiasts on this forum?

    I took the roadster out for the weekend - what a blast!
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    Portable OpenEVSE at 40A

    The Tesla UMC (and thus, JESLA) uses a 30A Potter & Brumfield DPST running at 40A. This may be why the electronics are not so robust. Here's a photo from Ingineer:
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    Digital charging display mod

    The problem is that your one appears to be a simple Voltmeter/Ammeter (similar to what TonyWilliams posted awhile back and which he intends to sell next year) whereas Jimbo's one is a multifunction power meter that incorporates more features including an energy usage meter in KWh.
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    Trailer Hitch Installation

    The EchoHitches from Tork Lift Central are nice but even with $45 off, they are ~$200. For some cars, like the Volt or LEAF, these may be good options but for the Rav4, even with the discount, they are still $100 more expensive than competitors.
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    Portable OpenEVSE at 40A

    Dsinned, I can see how a causal observer may see similarities between JB and OpenEVSE. However, there are many more differences than similarities in the philosophy and thus product design & implementation. At its core, OpenEVSE came about from an enthusiast owner's (Chris) frustration with the...
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    Portable OpenEVSE at 40A

    Someone here asked me (jokingly I hope) if I could build one for them for Black Friday. I said no but Tony Williams' has a special on his Tesla UMC conversion with $100 off. It's not as versatile as this portable OpenEVSE but it is pretty slick.
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    Open Source CHAdeMO inlet for Rav4 EV?

    I've been offline for a bit of time! I think you're spot on that understanding the CAN bus messages is key. In fact, the guys on the Orange County LEAF/EV club had been doing this including Garygid and others. I suspect that it's been slowed down a bit cos Gary got into Tesla decoding and...
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    Traction Battery Replaced Thread

    My battery was replaced after only about 4K miles but it took a very long time to get the battery from Tesla. If interested, here's my story:
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    Open Source CHAdeMO inlet for Rav4 EV?

    Thanks for splitting the discussion of an open source CHAdeMO charger into its own thread. This one was meant for developing an open source inlet. Anyway, Herr Dr Bornstein's suggestion of an adapter to allow cars with the SAE Frankenplug to charge at CHAdeMO stations is interesting but I think...
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    Open Source CHAdeMO inlet for Rav4 EV?

    Now, this is a great idea; we need a charging network similar to Tesla's. The other way to implement this is to charge regular CHAdeMO equipped cars a fee to charge while those with the JdeMO can charge for free based on Vin # like Tesla does it or with a card that you swipe.
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    Open Source CHAdeMO inlet for Rav4 EV?

    These are good thoughts but don't you think that a Frankenplug to CHAdeMO adapter would be more of a challenge since the charging protocols are different? For example for L2 charging, making a Tesla plug to J1772 adapter or cutting off the Tesla plug and putting on a J1772 is more doable since...
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    Open Source CHAdeMO inlet for Rav4 EV?

    Tony has been very passionate since the early LEAF days especially here in San Diego which has brought much needed attention to EVs; I have always enjoyed talking EV with Tony but an open source CHAdeMO port would not be for the average user and it should not in any way take away from Tony's...