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    LDU special disassembly tools

    And still over 1000 miles away. But easier to talk to about issues. I know there is a few of them up here and I was contacted by a probable scammer about one. I didn’t hear back once I said I would arrange for a shop to verify the vehicle.
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    LDU special disassembly tools

    I have been watching this forum for a few years now and I’m really torn between trying to get one cheap enough to justify the shipping to Canada and just converting my 2012 V6 to electric by stuffing a model 3 drive train in it. All the new EVs have way more tech and bells and whistles than I’m...
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    History of Development of Rav4EV

    “Why did you remove the sunroof?” My guesses, #1 Weight #2 Only about 25% of owners sunroof equipped vehicles actually do anything with their sunroofs. #3 The way they drain could cause problems with the batteries and/or rusting. The drains go down the A and C pillars typically, terminating...
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    2013 RAV4 EV For Sale Bad Drive Motor

    Rav4 EV is FWD only no AWD. So no transfer case.
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    2014 rav ev for sale- Seattle area

    Well I’m kinda looking for one but I’m in central Canada so the US dollar exchange and shipping makes it a rather expensive proposition. That and who in their right mind would buy a vehicle that no one locally has any experience with and is “obsolete”. I would definitely consider one if I could...
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    This particular forum is for the 2012-2014 Tesla powered RAV4 EV built as a California compliance car. There are other forums and facebook pages for the Rav4 hybrids that you will find to be more helpful. Not that there isn’t people on here who can help you but the bulk of the information is...
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    Should we sell our 2012 RAV4EV, almost 90k miles ?

    At 2500+/- units they can’t ever provide a value. They are in between a disposable and low end collector car. Disposable cars have a value of their weight in scrap metal and anything more that a wrecking yard will pay for them. Low end collector car is generally not of much interest to most but...
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    Should we sell our 2012 RAV4EV, almost 90k miles ?

    I would think just the cost of driving my Tundra down there then towing it back would probably equal or be greater than shipping cost. It’s about 4000 miles round trip. Cost being accommodations food fuel insurance and dolly rental or purchase. Time off work would also be another factor. But...
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    Should we sell our 2012 RAV4EV, almost 90k miles ?

    It’s a figure of speech. Drive it until a repair is impossible or illogical for you. I want to get one but I’m up in Canada so it would have to be the best I can find for the least money. Shipping is a killer. But if it still had the ability to drive 85 miles at 60 mph I could pick it up just...
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    Who still owns a RAV4 EV?

    I’m not 100% positive but I’ve heard that it used the heater from the Nissan Leaf. There should be something on here about that.