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Nov 14, 2012
San Diego county, California USA
FOR SALE - 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV
Updated 25 Sept 2020

1) $19,900 - #2772 - silver, ONLY 31,000 miles, VERY CLEAN CAR, no plates. Never buy gas again!!! Has remanufactured motor by Tesla. To be equipped with JdeMO

2) $18,900 - #2159 - white 67,000 miles, to be equipped JdeMO, very, very nice and clean overall. To have a rebuilt motor. Jen says, "buy now and boogie on down to the beach"

3) $17,900 - #1363 - silver, 87,000 miles, to be equipped with JdeMO, to have a rebuilt motor, California plates good through March 2021. Ready to rock and roll!

4) $17,900 - #1734 - blue, 86,000 miles, to have JdeMO, to have a rebuilt motor. No plates. Gas free is "the stuff"

5) $16,900 - #1798 - silver, 93,700 miles, to have JdeMO, freshly rebuilt motor. Be the envy of all your friends in this sweet RAV4 EV

6) $15,900 - #1134 - white, 117,000 miles, to have JdeMO, new condition motor out of low mileage 2017 Mercedes, black leather seats, needs some paint on the bumper facias. This is my original car that I bought new in Nov 2012, newer Michelin X-Tour (Defender) tires. It has one heck of a history

7) $12,900 - Something different - 2014 Mercedes B-Class ED, white, black leather interior, with the same Tesla drive train components as the RAV4 EV, newer motor from a 2017 Mercedes with low miles (never rebuilt, ultra quiet). 75,000 original miles, available with JdeMO for +$3500

8) JUNK RAV4 EV - yep, rebuild your wrecked car with one of these "donor vehicles" - serial #1965 is blue, with a salvage title. It ran just fine, but currently has no motor, no High Voltage Traction battery, no cabin heater, nor a DC2DC converter. Also, the air conditioning lost charge with a leak in the condenser. The body is FAR from perfect, but mostly straight. Make offer.

9) JUNK RAV4 EV - this one has a clean California title, serial number #1382 is white, missing all the usual components, very clean body overall. It currently has no motor, no High Voltage Traction battery, no cabin heater, nor a DC2DC converter, and no air conditioner condenser. Make offer.


All cars have a rebuilt or remanufactured motor by QC Charge or Tesla, unless otherwise noted

All cars eligible for Toyota Platinum extended warranty, with coverage up to 5 years and 60,000 additional miles (unless otherwise stated)

All have JdeMO™ ($3500 kit installed and tested) to allow fast charging in 30-45 minutes at over 30,000 stations worldwide, on 5 continents and over 100 countries

All cars sold with fresh 12 volt battery if the battery is over 2 years old

All cars have new tires, or over 70% tread remaining

All cars have over 50% brakes remaining

All cars have no history of being totaled, flooded, wrecked, etc (unless specifically noted)

All cars can be equipped with trailer hitch (receiver) for small trailer or bike rack

All cars have previously had the white California HOV sticker, unless specifically noted

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