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Do you know of any dealers participating in the used EV tax credit program for these cars?

My understanding is a dealership has to register to participate in the used EV tax program.

I've read in other forums that some folks have had success claiming the federal used EV credit on an otherwise private purchase by going through Keysavvy:

The first step should be trying a different charging station; your 110V cord may be dead. Plugshare.com shows three publicly available stations in Williams: the Hampton Inn, the Holiday Inn Express, and the Grand Canyon Railway hotel.

As Al mentioned, if you continue to experience problems, please start a fresh thread relevant to your situation.
That make sense and seems logical. thank you. I had a 220 40 amp circuit installed at my house also i will try that too. What is a good 110 charger i could buy if the one i have now is bad and not working?
Bear in mind that a 40a circuit will only support 32a continuous, per NEC ("code"). Be sure and configure your new EVSE accordingly. The RAV4 EV will theoretically draw 40a continuous if you let it (mine tops out at ~38.2a usually). Don't make the mistake of configuring your EVSE to allow 40a current, because while it'll work, it's not code-compliant and you could theoretically run into issues later. The car and EVSE won't care, but your wiring/panel/breaker/receptacle will.

I haven't used my Toyota-supplied portable EVSE four times in seven years, and it's always worked, though it charges at like 3 MPH. For home charging (at separate locations) I own three OpenEVSE units. I talk about my original one here. I believe they sell a 32a version (?).
Do you know of any dealers participating in the used EV tax credit program for these cars?
There must be brick & mortar dealerships participating all over the place. Keysavvy is an online dealership like Carvana and they act as a middleman for private EV sellers so their buyers can participate in the tax credit.