Took them long enough. Toyota finally does an EV SUV

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Jul 20, 2013
Los Angeles
Toyota confirmed the reveal of a brand-new electric SUV model which will be the first to be based on a new EV-specific platform co-developed with Subaru.

The Japanese carmaker has released another image showing a stylized silhouette, along with more details on the new e-TNGA platform.

The all-new electric Toyota SUV, which will have a similar size to the RAV4 but will most likely feature a longer wheelbase together with shorter overhangs, is designed to go on sale worldwide and will be produced at Toyota’s ZEV factory in Japan. The company aims to preview the final production version of its new EV in the next few months.


Not exactly sure if this is for the US, Asia, or Europe. But happy Toyota finally got a clue about EVs.

I don't think I'm going to wait for this, however. Have a reservation on a VW ID4 and am 90% sure I'm going with that.
...and here's the concept. Jointly developed with Subaru, so expect something from them as well

Toyota plans to deliver this in the US in about a year. Looks like a solid RAV4 EV replacement in terms of size/functionality.


More here:
I am disappointed but not surprised that Toyota has chosen to create a “weirdmobile” sub-brand for their “beyond zero” cars like the bZ4X. Tesla has shown that the true demand for zero emission vehicles is created by making a great car that happens to be electric. Toyota, on the other hand doesn’t want to confuse their customers about which are their “real cars” and which are the new fangled electric and zero emissions vehicles. I really thought that the restyled Mirai was an indication that they were moving away from the weirdmobile strategy, but this new announcement has proven that wrong.
asavage said:
Lower seating than the RAV4, and the sloping rear like the VW ID.4 [shakes head]

I can fit my dog cage for two dogs in the RAV4, barely. No way in the ID.4 or this "Busy Forks" Toyota.


This is another CUV, not a small SUV like our circa 2010 body style RAV4EVs (in 2012 - 2014 cars).
I suspect that the low swooping back is done for aerodynamics. We might have to wait for 100 kWh+ batteries to get another small SUV like the RAV4EV.
Mercedes EQB looks like it will have a more vertical back glass. Since it has the possibility of a third row, it probably has more cargo space behind the second row too.

Yes, that looks to fit the bill. Now, if only it were anybody but MB . . .

I've owned several, and working on them (and, unless you buy new, you're always working on them) wears me out. They are their own ecosystem.
The long hood isn't doing them any favors when it comes to interior space. Forget frunks, push that cabin forward so we get more room in the back.