Unlock full 450hp with new inverter board?

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Oct 5, 2023
I was watching Aging wheels channel on YouTube.
The host is putting 2 tesla motors in a ford escape. He said that those tesla drive trains are the same model as the one Rav4 EV. Apparently you need to swap the inverter control board with this https://www.aemelectronics.com/products/ev_conversions/vehicle_control_unit/parts/30-8402?gclid=CjwKCAjwv-2pBhB-EiwAtsQZFNVQno0vlioZgavneslcDaEMRfq2fRhtSqaeH-Tz68onxev-SQDXFxoCI6IQAvD_BwE and possibly a few more items from AEM to unlock the full 450hp that the motor is capable. I am not a Rav4 EV owner, but this does make me want to buy one and try this. Otherwise I am happy to pass info along to inspire other owners to turn their car into a "sleeper".
In my opinion, this is a dangerous and useless adventure/self auto-da-fe.
With the current inverter, DC from the HV battery exceeds 500 amperes, which brings the contactor contacts to this state of

Increasing the current from the HV batteries will drastically reduce their lifespan. In addition, the RAV4EV inverter is not designed for the same current and thermal load/power and as the cooling system of the motor and inverter.

And I won't even mention the (in)ability of gears and transmission bearings to withstand such a load...
I believe the inverter, gears, transmission are all part of the tesla large drive unit (LDU). So I don't believe there would be an issue with those parts. However the increased demand of the boosted acceleration would for sure stress the other components of the system. But in my experience with ICE vehicles, is that increased performance and actually using that increased power almost always means decreased reliability and lifespan. So I totally agree with any hp upgrade comes with risk. My post was not meant as a recommendation as much as a FYI.
In addition to the above, I recommend paying attention to how bearings suffer/deteriorate due to parasitic interference of high-frequency harmonics of motor control voltage*. And with such a significant increase in power, and as a result, AC, this wear will be proportionally increased. That's why I think the RAV4EV update/upgrade you mentioned is categorically/absolutely unacceptable.
* https://youtu.be/VW4_ICHFTM0

And an even bigger problem is the implantation of the upgraded inverter software into the existing architecture recorded in the gateway

Thanks for the information.
Best regards.
I would think the RAV's bigger tires would put more stress on the drive train at high torque than the Model S it was designed for. Also I find, personally, that the RAV in sport mode is plenty powerful, between the high center of gravity and being front wheel drive.