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Mar 23, 2014
I have a complete 40A L2 OpenEVSE with real Time Clock for sale. It can charge Tesla based cars at 40A and all other J1772 compliant cars. It would charge a Fiat EV at 30A and a Volt at 14A. The RTC lets cars such as the Mercedes B Class delay the charging until the electricty is cheaper.

This unit consists of an OpenEVSE main board modified for 5V and 3.3V, a voltage and current meter, a 63A 240V contactor, a 5V Chinese relay board, a 12V power supply driving 5V and 3.3V regulators, and a RGB RTC display driver board with a yellow mono display. Input power is from a 4 foot 50A range power cord with a 14-50 plug. The output is by a 40A 20 foot Quick Charge Power J1772 cable. Everything is mounted in a heavy duty 8X8X4 inch electric junction box.

This requires #6 lines and a 50A breaker for 40A. It can also use #8 lines and a 40A breaker for 32A. In that case the EVSE should be set for 32A instead of 40A.

Tony is now selling his 40A cable for 40A and 30A use. It is more compact than the 30A cable he was previously selling, It is more money.

The way J1772 works is that the EVSE broadcasts its maximum current available and the car takes what it needs up to the max. Thus an enhansed leaf will draw 27.5A from a 30A EVSE or a spec max 80A EVSE. More current is ignored and it does not make the car charge faster. It just costs you more.

The firmware loaded is ver 3.11.3 with RTC and Menus enabled. The unit can run RAPI and WIFI but support is strictly from the OpenEVSE forum. I do not support things that do not interest me.

This is for sale at $350 plus $25 if I ship the unit. It can be picked up and tested in Anaheim near Disneyland. This is sold ASIS but i guarantee it will function upon receipt.

Payment is cash for local pickup or Paypal if I ship the unit.

You may wonder why this is complete and it is $105 cheaper than adding a cable to my other unit. Well, This unit is a fully functional OpenEVSE unit but the MOV board is removed. The display is yellow monochrome instead of RGB color and the select button is not lighted. Since it is has the J1772 cable installed already there is no need for the DIY terminals and wiring. I also got free shipping on the Quick Charge Power cable(thanks, Tony).

This unit is sold and it should be gone by this weekend. It is now at its new happy owner, Thanks Gary. He used it at 16A through a quick 220 in his garage.