Battery air pump replacement

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Aug 7, 2017
Oak Harbor, Wash.
The RAV4 EV, the Mercedes Electric Drive/B250e, and the electric Smart cars, they all have a desiccant pack in the battery.

The RAV4 EVs have some kind of little air pump on top of the battery cover, it's under the driver seat area, and it's quite noisy. It's one of the loudest things you hear when you plug in to charge. You think you're hearing coolant pumps, but you're usually hearing that air pump.

The last few months, mine has been getting noticeably louder.

Is there any information on repairing/replacing this pump?

I believe I read somewhere in the past where somebody cut a hole in the floor of the car to access the pump for repair, rather than dropping the battery!

Jimbo69NY has a YT video on the pack, and pointed out the thing.

On my car it runs noisily after the car has been driven in rain or humid weather, then goes silent when things dry out. I don't know if it only runs if a sensor says it is necessary (so only on or off), or if there is a variable speed.
Mine always buzzed when first plugged in to charge, in any weather. Now, it's silent; I can hear a coolant pump, and sometimes the radiator fan comes on/off, on low speed, which I only notice if I happen to be in the driveway working on something else when it happens.