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Dec 31, 2018
Pacific Palisades, CA
I need to access the center console and I am afraid to start prying off panels. This usually ends up with me breaking clips or similar.

I want to adjust the E-Brake and I believe, like all the other Rav4s the adjustment is at the base of the handle.

My first problem is the Rav4 EV doesn't seem to share center console design with another model. The brake handle, for example, is on the left where 2012 and 2013 Rav4s seem to be on the right. Youtube has always been good at showing you how to remove panels and trim.

Also our shift handle bares little resemblance to just about anything.

I am sure someone out there had done this successfully. I would love to get a hint.

Odds are you likely don't need to adjust the parking brake lever to cable adjuster (to take up cable stretch).

Remove the rear wheels and re-install the lug nuts to keep the brake rotor in position. There is supposed to be a shoe adjusting service plug that can be removed to access the shoe adjuster (eg old school drum brakes); adjust to the point where the shoes are just shy of engagement (with the parking brake off). Confirm that greater than 9 clicks on the parking brake lever causes the shoes to engage. If not, then you will need to adjust the cable adjuster.

I need to do this on my RAV, so hopefully I'll be able to follow up with pictures in the near future.

If you still want the procedure to remove the center console, let me know.
Unfortunately, I don't have any place I can safely jack up my Rav. I have an extremely steep driveway and my garage is full of other projects.

I would love some hints about how to safely remove the cover off of the center console. It looks as if they are all "snap off" but I imagine it wouldn't be easy to buy replacements if I break something.