Charging station vs JESLA

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Initially I thought it was 1 foot. Then I saw a NEC proposal for 5 feet. If they settled on less than 5' that is no help with garage plugs 4' off the floor.
Thank you all so much for your help. You're so quick.

I would love to get a quicker charge with the 40A EVSEs, but it seems like all the non-Jesla options are hardwired. And I'd like something with the reliability/warranty of a Clipper Creek, for example.

Is that what it comes down to?
Portability/40A ==> Jesla
3 year warranty ==> Clipper Creek, or similar?

Lastly, if I just plug one in (and it's not hardwired), how do I prevent it from being stolen?
You can purchase the Leviton as either a plug in or a surface mount unit. There is a plug in both situations. The surface mount unit has the plug in the back of the unit. It is meant for a somewhat permanent attachment. The plug in unit has the plug exiting the unit at the bottom. I purchased the surface mount and then repositioned the plug so that it would exit at the bottom. I did this to accommodate the modular NEMA 14-50 female receptacle that I had. So while it is portable it is somewhat heavy to take off the wall adapter and unplug. I would not want to do that very often. Also the unit is very large and would take up a lot of room. It really is not meant to be ported about in my mind. The JESLA is perfect as a portable and as a wall attached unit. It does not come with a means of attaching it on the wall. I used a couple of hooks and the Velcro tape that comes with it to secure it on the wall. Because it is light that seems to work nicely. I think if you purchase a JESLA and then don't like it that you will be able to sell it for near what you paid.