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Discussion about this topic can become very long and spread over multiple threads, forums, youtube, etc, making it difficult to find the info you need. howardc64 (@TMC) and I created an info directory (a website) dedicated to this LDU, especially the coolant leak problem. It contains links to rebuilds by multiple individuals and also a list of past and current seal longevity experiences, torque specs, etc.

Dirctory link:
My RAV4 EV had the dreaded coolant leak in the drive unit. Over the past two months, I made a Youtube channel dedicated to fixing this (and some other stuff along the way) yourself:
Hi Johan - I also live in the Sacramento Valley, and own a 2012 RAV4 EV that developed a serious problem recently. The problem is essentially the same as the one reported by toddh here: The motor has become unresponsive to depressing the accelerator pedal. I found your very informative YouTube channel and checked the speed sensor as you described in your "Motor Coolant Leak Check" video. Sure enough, I found a wet sensor (see 1st image) and some material with lotion-like consistency inside the motor (2nd image, orange circle shows debris). In the video you said "...leaking coolant can...damage inverter electronics and the car will stop." I'm considering following the steps in your 'drive unit rebuild' playlist, but am wondering if it is worthwhile, in my situation. My questions are: how do I know if the inverter electronics are damaged? Is the fact that the car is completely unresponsive sufficient indication that the electronics are indeed damaged? If so, then it does not make sense to attempt the rebuild of the motor/drive unit, right?


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I would refer to Tony Williams at QC Charge in Vista, CA. They installed their “fix” for this common fault in the RAV4 EV. I believe he sells a kit that a local familiar with the vehicle of similar configurations could install.