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Aug 7, 2017
Oak Harbor, Wash.
[For me, today, there is no "New Topic" button on the Marketplace forum, so I cannot post a new topic there.]

The dealer who changed out my battery Aug2019 in Roseville, CA left off some/all of the plastic clips that retain the under-engine plastic cover. It looks like they just tucked the rear edge of the large front under cover to the front edge of the smaller rear cover, which seems to have worked long enough for their warranty!. The front is retained by five bolts, so it's not going anywhere. Driving recently in snow here popped the rear of the cover out of its tucked position, and it dragged on pavement quite a while before I heard it and discovered the issue.

I've reinstalled the approx. dozen clips (90467-07201) to mount it back in place, but the cover is not in good condition now, with some spots abraded through where it dragged, and apparently getting partially folded in half during some reversing manouever. I've massaged it fairly flat via a heat gun.

Toyota 51410-0R061, $357 at ToyotaPaartsDeal. I'd rather have a good used one if one could be had at a reasonable price, but I'll buy new if I have to. I could also repair the existing one (epoxy, scrap plastic patches, etc.), but I prefer a VGC unrepaired cover if I can find one.

Is this something you've got, or do you know someone who has one?

Same thing happened to me, the splash guard got all crushed up under my Rav. I checked the internet for the item and found that there was a first and second generation cover. the first was a lot more expensive than the second and they were basically identical. It was years ago and I don’t have any other information.
Good luck