RavCharge, a solution to charge timer and entune woes

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eplantz said:
anybody know what is going on with RAVCHARGE?? no charge last night and cannot access the web page just now.
Not sure why it went down, but I rebooted the server and it's back up and running now. As always, thanks for letting me know!
Wow, this looks like a great resource. Nice job Joe.
I just discovered this and I'm probably very late to the party ... reading my way through the 35 pages ;)

I have a few questions:

1. Is this app still supported? Last post in the thread I see is from april '18. Is it planned to be supported in the foreseeable future?
2. Does the app support location based logic? What do I mean by that? e.g.
2a. I'd like to know how many KwH the car charges when it's at home. This would help estimate cost of driving the car (my charger at home is dumb). A good proxy for me would be time charging at home since I know my charger is a 10kw charger.
2b. Charge rate on a particular charge session would also be helpful as some public chargers do not report this.
2c. I'd like to set up a location and time based events such as: During the winter months, if my car's at work, turn on the heat between 5:30pm and 6:30pm
3. Privacy/security question: I read that you've taken steps to protect the username/password info, thank you for doing that. Are you keeping any records of location of the cars? (No judgement one way or the other but I'd like to know. I see reasons why it would be helpful, and reasons why someone may not want that).

Davidew98 said:
I'm wondering if when they shutdown SafetyConnect at the end of 2012 will that make RavCharge useless?
Yes, when SafetyConnect shuts down, RavCharge will become useless. I don't recall the exact date given for the service shutdown for the RAV4 EV. Something like September 2021.

Heads up to RavCharge users: I'll be taking the server down for a few hours (hopefully no more than that) to hook up to a new ISP today. Sorry for any inconvenience!