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Mar 31, 2017
I have a 2014 eRav that has been doing fine until this summer when it started making ticking noises when charging(think Grandfather clock) that sped up, stopped then restarted again first slowly, then gaining speed again until stopping again and continued to cycle till charging stopped. Charging also started varying wildly in terms of mileage added. Normally I would see 75-80 miles on an 80% charge but then it started to vary down to 59 miles! Took the car in to Toyota Carlsbad in August and they stated their computer found nothing, but they couldn't actually charge the car as they didn't even have an operational charger in there service bays! Told me to bring it back if it failed to charge...WONDERFUL!

Put up with the issue until late Nov when we had issues using multiple Chargepoint Commercial Chargers at my wifes work in Cbad. Several times on different chargepoint chargers the units failed to start or ended there charge cycle early. Then my TESLA/JESLA Charger @home started to FAIL to Shutdown when the timer on the dash display read 00:00 and 16 fullbars were on the display. Tried to contact Tony but he was busy moving the facility and couldn't help. Told me to try reaching him In January.

Fearing I could no longer charge overnite with the charge controller failing to shutdown the charging and then overcharging the Traction Battery I bought a new Chargepoint Charger capable of the same 50A/40A as the TESLA/JESLA unit. Installed it on CHristmas Eve and charged the eRav with no issues(It shutdown when the timer hit 0 and had 16 bars). Thought problem was in the Jesla but still wanted Tony to test it with one of his cars when he had time.(I'm 3-4 miles away from his new shop location).

On New years day I again charged the eRav with the new Chargepoint unit and IT FAILED to shutdown. took pics of dash displays and the eRav kept charging @00:00-16 full bars for another 11 minutes(gained another 7 miles or so) before I manually disconnected the plug. I did check to see if the coolant pump was OK and it was, flowing continuously into the tank, no pulsing there so not connected to the noise.

I've called Tony again hoping he will test my Jesla unit on one of his cars to confirm that the Jesla is not an issue so I can take away that argument from Cbad Toyota. Of course now I've been trying to get ahold of my service advisor for 2 days and shes not responding.....

The car is still under extended Platinum Warranty so thats covered but if you can't get Toyota to even return emails or phone calls....where do I go next?? Anyone else experience this charging Issue??

Who is the customer relations manager @ Toyota and how do I contact him if Cbad refuses to even return phone calls.
It's normal enough for the car to continue to charge after you reach 16 bars if you're on extended charge, although most of our batteries have degraded enough that there isn't any significant capacity available above 16 bars,
There's no need to be alarmed or concerned, you do not have charging issues. Just like the distance-until-empty display, the charge time remaining is an estimated value, that will vary based on factors like ambient and battery temperature. The battery monitoring system is constantly keeping track of individual cell voltages and will stop charging when appropriate; there is no need to manually intervene to prevent overcharging.