Touchscreen of the Navigation System doe not work

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Jun 26, 2015
Hi Everybody,

The Touchscreen of my Navigation System does not work anymore.
Ist there a used radio of a salvage car out there?
Do you know wher to get a spare touchscreen glass for the Radio?

Regards Clemens
I am having the same problem. Did you get any responses? I found a replacement screen on Ebay but was unable to determine if it would fit. I suspect not.
I saw other posts indicating that folks were able to purchase a new digitizer for their radio on Ebay. Does anyone have a part number that will work. I have checked, and of course none list the EV.
This is a mainline Toyota part with special software inside. I would guess that any screen of similar age with the same size from another Toyota model would be interchangeable if you are willing to separate the screen module from the rest of the head unit. Keep in mind that I've never disassembled one of these, so I'm just guessing.