WA state EV drivers: Invitation to support House Bill 2515

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Jul 20, 2017
Seattle, WA
This is of immediate interest to those living in WA state and could be interesting to other states' residents.

This is to invite you to sign a petition to support a bill for clean cars, and spread the word – ideally before this Monday, 2/10, when the bill will have a hearing in Olympia.

I volunteer with a local Non profit, http://www.Coltura.org who worked with WA legislators to introduce HB 2515 (the Clean Cars 2030 bill).

This bill would require all model-year 2030 or later passenger vehicles sold in Washington state to be electric. People could keep their 2029 and earlier gas cars as long as they wish. Clean Cars 2030 is an effective, fair, economical, and no-tax solution for eliminating CO2 emissions from cars that will save people money and keep Washington residents' dollars and energy jobs local.

Here is a list of bill benefits and FAQs. An article about the bill was on the front page of the Seattle Times yesterday and features Coltura’s founder, Matthew Metz.

For other states' residents: If this bill gets adopted, this is going to be a good test of a model for states to help push initiatives that can accelerate transition to EVs and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

If this resonates with you we'd appreciate if you supported this bill and even contact your representatives to motivate them to support this.

Additional info here: