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Feb 16, 2019
$15K OBO.

85,000 Miles
Pearl White
Factory Roof Rack added.
Factory Floor Mats + Weather Techs in front
Tinted windows all around
Transferrable warranty from Silver Rock* with $50 deductible
New Remanufactured Motor from Tesla (500 miles) under transferrable warranty
New Windshield July,2020.
40A, 240V charger will be included along with the standard 15A, 120v Charger.

I Love this car, But I am getting a company car and need to sell one as they won't give me a car allowance instead. We have two other vehicles, an Explorer Sport Trac that is paid for that I cannot part with and a Lexus that is Leased, so we're kind of stuck having to sell this great little car. I cannot say enough good about having this car in the Phoenix Area. I can drive in the carpool lane and get to work in 15 min instead of an hour. It is the # 1 reason I bought it. The other reason is that it costs me $40 per month to charge it instead of buying gas for the Truck at $250-300 per month.

It is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Battery is still under Toyota Factory Warranty until late 2021.
Range is around 85 Miles per charge, in a City/Freeway mix. It was closer to 100 in all city driving.

*About the warranty
I purchased this car from Carvana. I bought the Silver Rock warranty and have not been disappointed. They covered the $11K replacement of the motor, and later, the $1K replacement of the main fuse. Both cost me only $50. This warranty is transferrable, and good for another year or up to 125K miles. It took a couple of extra weeks to get the motor, but they were easy to deal with.

With the newly installed motor, transferable extended warranty, and remaining factory warranty on the battery, you cannot get a better Rav4EV than this.

If you are in the Phoenix area, Riverview Toyota is the "EV capable" dealer and they have not disappointed me either.
Please PM me for photos.