Traction Motor Blues and Extended Warranty "Extension"

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Oct 20, 2014
Vista, CA
Hello All,

Glad that you are here. I had to have our 2014 Rav4 EV (65K) towed to Carlsbad Toyota, where the problem was diagnosed as a failure of the traction motor. Suddenly, after driving 10 miles normally, the car began lurching and shuttering as I stepped on the accelerator pedal. Luckily, by going very slowly, I was able to make it home.

The service writer, who knows just a little about these vehicles, said that a claim was being processed with the extended warranty folks, and that he would get back to me in a couple of days. He off-handedly mentioned that it might take a couple of months to get this part. He indicated that there were three other Rav4 EVs in the repair department.

Any words of wisdom about traction motor issues? We went through the drive motor replacement process about five years ago, as well as some of the other standard repairs that owners have had to deal with.

One question that occurred to me is whether anyone has successfully had their extended warranty expiration "extended" due to the amount of time that their vehicle has been out of service? In this case, our warranty is up in October. If our vehicle has to sit for two months, waiting for parts, it seems like the warranty expiration should be pushed out two months. While I doubt this will fly, I thought I would ask the Rav4 EV community members for their thoughts.
Update on the Traction Motor: Our EV was at the dealership for 5 weeks, with no estimate on a new traction motor delivery date. Then, suddenly, two days ago, the part arrived, was installed, and we are good to go. Once again, I am glad to have had the extended warranty, which covered the entire bill of $7,500 Parts: $5931, Labor $1182). However, our 10-year warranty runs out in October, when we will be left to wander in "no man's land."
Congratulations on being able to get a replacement motor installed. By any chance does the repair order show the part # of the replacement motor? I think we'd all be curious to see if it's the latest revision with the coolant bypass.