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Sep 12, 2022
Santa Barbara, San Jose
Hi everyone, I have a JdeMO on my 2012. Up until September 2022, EVGO chargers have been the most reliable fast chargers for me. I've tried them all over Southern California, from the World's Tallest Thermometer on the way to Las Vegas, to the south San Jose , CA Walmart, to the EVGo cluster in Oxnard, California.

Recently (sometime between mid-August 2022 and early September 2022), all of these chargers received a software update - the screens all look totally different.

Now none of the updated chargers will charge my car. They all start the handshake, light the light on the Chademo nozzle, flash the JdeMO green light for a fraction of a second, and then say the charge is complete. No error.

They all seem to be ABB chargers.

I have tried everything I can think of to encourage the car to charge, but they just won't actually do the charge. They "see" my car and report battery SOC accurately.

Some, but not all, Electrify America fast chargers still work. Some behave exactly the same way as the EVGO chargers - and they were doing this before EVGO started to refuse to charge my car - Charge starts, charge immediately ends, no errors. For the Electrify America chargers, I can't see any pattern.

Is anyone else having this experience? Any ideas how to charge at EVGO chargers with the new software?
Have you noticed if any older Leafs have been able to charge at these newer stations? If so, that would tend to rule out the chargers being the problem.

Most likely the chargers have been updated to a newer version of the CHAdeMO standard, and that's causing communication issues with Jdemo. The chargers presumably are certified to meet the CHAdeMO standard, whereas Jdemo is not. Ultimately it may require convincing the makers of Jdemo to provide a newer version of firmware for their adapter.