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Sep 25, 2014
Hi -

made mistake in not leaving our RAV4EV on trickle charger while daughter away at college - worked (and has) great when we put her to bed in December - checked and fine in Jan - but went to start her up and dead in March (no coronavirus as far as I can tell)...put it on the trickle charger for few days figuring the battery was dead, and while took a few days (and temp >50 here in midwest) to get her to turn on - battery fully charged at 125, but wouldn't let me shift to D or R!
any ideas?

Battery has never been changed....

I know there are few users left on the board, but hate the idea of towing it to our local dealer (who has been great - and since we had the North American Distribution office nearby, they have had a few guys in to help, but if its just a battery - great - but not sure that explains the not shifting into gear?

the battery light, steering wheel with exclamation point and ABS warnings are there - lights come on and the center console works....

any ideas from anyone of us left would be helpful!

Thanks Doug
Change the 12 volt battery. Remove the old battery and get a new one while you turn in the old. This will give the computer a chance to go dark and reboot with a new battery with proper voltage.
You may still end up with some trouble codes for the dealer to clear but that is the best shot afaik.

If it does not go into gear with a new battery.... give quickchargepower a call for more ideas.
Exactly. When my 12V battery died, I had similar chaos. A dozen or so reboots after the new battery finally got the car driving, but it took a trip to the dealer to clear out all the codes.

Good luck.
Thanks for the answers - will give it a whirl this weekend (unless we are locked down for the virus of course!)
great advice!
when first powered up it would not go into drive or reverse - second or third tries no different - but with the 4th I let it sit for few minutes - and when the computer locked the doors on me and beeped - knew it was back! powered up - and went right into gear - runs like a top and no errors...
picked up a high amperage battery and it did the trick!

appreciate you help and insights

Be Well in these crazy times!