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Starting a new post here, which is essentially a continuation of my post in the Off-Topic area and will hopefully answer a few question asked by alflash.

Let me first explain the run-up to the problem.

I was driving the car running errands one day. When I came out from one of the stores to move on to the next errand, I was able to start the car, however, the car would not go into drive or reverse. Moreover, the “Check EV System” message appeared on the console. I did not notice any different sounds or other signals prior to that that would have indicated a problem.

For the next couple hours, I was able to turn the ignition on and off successfully until the car was towed to the dealer that night.

Let me also add that this car does NOT have any special additions or modifications like the JdeMO fast-charging upgrade. It is effectively stock.

Once the car was at the dealer, there was no issue turning the car on and rolling it in neutral to get it off the flatbed truck. Before leaving the dealer, we tried to move the car one more time to position more completely in a parking space. Before I was able to turn the car back off, the console lights flashed on and off several times, then began flickering as if the voltage was low. At that point, I was unable to power the car off. After several minutes and attempts, I had to leave the car and go home. Effectively, the car was still on. At this point, the dealer was closed and I would pick up the issue in the morning.

I explained to the dealer what had been going on, including the flickering. While I am reasonably certain the 12v battery was not the problem, The next few paragraphs will go on to document what the Toyota mechanic wrote on my service form.

Now keep in mind, I had explained to them that the battery was fine until the point of the problem manifesting itself the prior day. However, they seemed to have been fixed on the 12v battery being the problem, not a symptom. The technician continued.

Obviously, they had left it parked where I had towed it and were doing their diagnostics outside. Finally the technician wrote:

Let me add that, yes, I was fully aware of the rareness of this car before purchase. While I owned it, I deliberately took it in for “maintenance” several times so there would be a record of my car on file with the dealer. While they never performed any “service” to the HV Battery, the car wasn’t that “new” to them.

So, the above language is the notation from the dealer. Following that series of service actions, I towed the car back home, as the dealer did not want the car at the dealership while waiting for the backordered, “no eta” part. Nor did I. That was in May 2023. The car has been in my driveway ever since. I keep the 12v battery on the bench to prevent the car from killing it. I have moved it once and know that I can pop the battery in and shift it into neutral without issue. I have not tried charging the car.

With everything mentioned above. Any other insights on what I can do from here? Thanks.

These long and disappointing stories seem to be pretty typical when it comes to Toyota service departments and the Rav4 EV.

They can be trusted to remove and replace large components -- but you should check their work. I have found that they forget to install fasteners and brackets when the finish up a job.

Okay, perhaps it's more accurate to say that Toyota service departments are quite nearly incompetent when it comes to the Rav4 EV.

In my own personal story, I have avoided dealership service departments and I've chosen to resolve the issues myself. With a copy of the TDP software, common hand tools, some work space, and patience; I have replaced coolant pumps, battery contactors, the cabin heater, and the DC-DC converter.

However, not everyone has the resources or cares to get their hands dirty. But the point is, stay away from Toyota dealerships. Install a 24G AGM 12v battery, and when something goes wrong turn the car over to a competent mechanic.
Just thought I add our recent experience with a 2012 Rav we've owned now for 80K total miles. The car did not start up properly and posted SRS Airbag Failure on screen. I checked the 12v battery which was replaced in 2016 it was at 8Vdc. I replaced it with another group 35 from Costco and the error message cleared and car works fine again. The only other problem this car has had was at 52K miles the speed sensor died and left car in road and it had to be towed. I purchased a used speed sensor from Tony at Chargepower and replaced it.

Ours has all original stuff works fine and goes still charges to well over 100miles without the use of extended charge which we have never used. Thought about getting a Y but we love the Rav and it does everything we need it for, we also have a 2013 S which gets us out on longer trips.
I just had my 2014 speed sensor replaced. The problems were intermittent so I can't tell if it's fixed. What symptoms did you have before the speed sensor change?