Bay Area repair shop that can still work on RAV4EV?

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I didn't have time to do the remote diagnostics and then with weeks of rain it didn't happen although I got the network and cable setup.
Earthling Automotive in SF surprised me last week with news they now have a license to the diagnostic software. I had the car towed there and they report:

Connected Tesla Toolbox to drive electronics gateway and checked Alerts back to September 2023.4/03/2024 - 7:38 PM - Speed Sensor Problem DetectedRemoved and inspected speed sensor when checking for coolant in drive unit. Speed sensor is OK. Vehicle electronics are registering correct speed of vehicle.Reset the Gateway electronics.Cleared the EV fault codes in the Toyota EV system monitor.

Removed speed sensor at drive motor and inspected for signs of coolant leaking into drive unit. Did not see any signs of coolant ingress at this time.

Checked body ground connections A1/A2 to Inverter. Grounds OK. Power supply to inverter is present. Checked wiring from speed encoder (speed sensor) and found 0 ohms resistance (good contact) at all four corresponding pins from sensor to D14 (inverter). Checked shield wire connection (pin 18) at inverter for good ground to chassis, 0 ohms (good). Removed HV B+ /B - cover to inverter and did not find any signs of moisture indicating coolant ingress.Performed a drag test of all speed sensor pins at the speed sensor connector. Drag test past.Performed a drag test of all the terminals/pins at the 23 pin connector to the inverter. Drag test past.At this point, we have verified that all external connections to the drive unit / inverter are OK and that the faults that are showing up in the Tesla drive electronics (di_w020 / di_f020) indicate faulty electronics for the speed sensor (internal to drive unit). We verified that the sensor signals from the speed sensor are present and as expected.Can proceed with further diagnostics of drive unit to determine exact cause of failure. However, regardless of cause of failure, recommend replacement of drive unit/inverter.

Recommending replacement of the drive unit / inverter for intermittent internal failures.


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Nice that they performed a drag test on the sensor harness-to-sensor pins; I don't hear about that often.

Based on no coolant showing on the speed sensor and no coolant on the orange HV cover/caps, you don't appear to have a coolant-related issue (yay!). The speed sensor itself was a relatively high failure item on our LDUs -- though not as failure-prone as the HV contactors -- and if it was mine, with the data you've presented, I'd swap in another speed sensor before doing anything else, as:

1) The stored fault indicates a speed sensor problem;
2) They were known to fail in not-insignificant numbers on the original (not reman) units;
3) It's cheap, and very easy to replace.

It's nice that they did what they did, but speed sensors can and do fail intermittently, go out of spec, only work at low switching rates, etc.


You can get the TPD software "free" now (at least a late version of it, that has at least one function missing), so you can do some of your own troubleshooting at the high level anyway. It's not great software for beginners but it's the only tool we have like it, so . . .

And, I can supply the adapter cable pre-made at my cost, if you don't want to build it yourself (and that post lists the cable and OBDII connector shell that I use, if you want to order them yourself).
Thanks for the detailed reply. The shop quoted me $7200 to replace the drive unit which really isn't economically prudent even though otherwise the car looks amazing (repainted by Toyota last November for the peeling white paint problem), I'm willing to try the speed sensor replacement or anything else relatively cheap. I made the cable but when I found out Earthlink is fixing the cars again, I just had them do it.