Errors After Inverter control board replacement and problems with re-flash.

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I bought 3 encoders(revision C from china, the orignal is revision B) but still getting the speed sensor errors. Checked the wiring from the sensor to the inverter conector and it is ok.

The motor rotates normal but in a random time it stop rotating(before was every 15-30min now is 3 to 8 min) and shows the speed sensor issue, if i shutdown the car and put it in drive it works even with the error showing but again stop working in a few minutes. Also uploaded the gateway firmware trying to fix this.

I'll try to check with the osciloscope the encoder signals just to confirm that the old and new encoders are ok.

What do you think what could be? Any insight will be appreciated.
Hi, Everyone. I promised a fill write up. I am not trying to avoid the forum. IN fact I am super happy I found you guys! I ended up braking my wrist and 2 ribs on June 1st. So I have not been typing as much. But I will see if I can get some time to talk to text and fill in the whole story about the Rav 4 EV I am driving. I will report that my boys and I have been using the Rave 4 for about a month now and its working great. -Arlin 1719076862827.png
Having broken my dominant wrist in a motorcycle accident in 2000, I give a lot of leeway for typos for anyone in that situation. I won't say that six weeks will fly by (in summer!) but "this too shall pass".
Besides, there no faster way to end up making your own embarrassing mistakes than trying to correct others.