Fuel Door Spring Replacement?

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Jan 31, 2014
My R4EV is 10 years old now, and just passed 100K. Pretty reliable - though admittedly I had the battery and motor replaced at 50K :)

The spring on the fuel door has been problematic for years - today it completely broke off. In the picture attached there is a small black plastic base which has broken. The spring itself attaches to that - I still have the spring, though I wouldn't mind replacing it also.
Does anyone know how to go about identifying these parts? I'm not sure where I would look to order them.


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I bought one a couple of years ago, but haven't needed to install it (yet).

77360-0R010, $6 (+tax & shipping)

I don't recommend buying through Amazon/eBay for Toyota parts, as they are widely counterfeited and advertising "Genuine" means nothing. Buy from the dealer or equivalent (IMHO).

I've seen several RAV4s with stuck fuel door flaps. I lubricate mine's hinge pin and the plastic release cable end, every Fall, using silicone lubricant. For the first couple of years I owned it, releasing was hit-and-miss, but for the last four years I haven't had an issue. My spare spring remains uninstalled :)
I took a small coil spring that is about 1 inch long and about 5/8 in diameter and rolled the coil end onto the sheet metal edge just to the left of the black piece in your picture. It sticks straight out and when closed compresses against the door in there that covers the charging plug. It fell off a couple of times but goes right back on easily. It's worked for about 7 years now. If someone wants a picture, I can post one later.