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Aug 7, 2017
Oak Harbor, Wash.
I have assembled a batch of diagnostic cables for use with Tesla Powertrain Diagnostics ("TPD"), which I can provide at my cost for those who don't wish to fabricate (solder) their own. The soldering is straightforward, but nibbling out the connector shell's side and center plastic is a little fiddly; I use two Dremel tools. Do NOT push the out-of-the-box OBDII connector shell onto the diagnostic port without removing the side locking feature, or you'll have some trouble removing it (it wants to mate for life), and the diagnostic port itself has a plastic blocking key; I remove the mating plastic from the OBDII connector shell, so it slips on without fuss. Throws a lot of black plastic around, though, whilst modifying.

I assemble them using a generic OBDII connector, and a Belkin 10' CAT6 ethernet patch cable. The cables are in various colors, depending upon availability.

OBDII Connector:
Belkin CAT6 cable, 10':

I will mail one of these anywhere USPS can deliver via Ground Advantage, for $24.
If you need it shipped faster (Priority), add $6.


I chose 10' lengths in case someone wants to be in the drivers seat whilst using TPD. If you're working in the back, next to the diag. port, only 2' is needed. I can make different length cables upon request.

Zelle or PayPal to
[email protected]

No Venmo, CashApp, etc.
Want to send a paper check? DM for mailing address.
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I will buy a 10' blue cable from you.
I can Zelle you, how do we contact each other to exchange addresses etc.?
Al , I got the tracking number - thanks. I am so relieved that you have already tested these, it is one less thing that can go wrong when setting up my "automotive computer". I will try to repurpose an old MacBook Pro, that is running Win 7.
I’d like one and just sent the Zelle. Address in the notes. Thank you!
As I didn't receive your email address, I'll put tracking here:

Tracking Number

It will probably ship tomorrow afternoon.


I have only one left, though I have just received supplies to assemble three more; after that, it'll be 26Mar before I can assemble more. The Belkin cables I like are harder to obtain than usual.
Hi Al, I got the cable yesterday, it looks great! Now to install the S/W on a laptop and try it out. I don't know which connector to plug it in, but I suspect it is obviously on the Tesla gateway in the left rear fender well.

Thank you! That's clear. I want to see how old my replacement traction battery really is. It was replaced by Toyota back in 2018, I noticed less capacity after replacement. It was replaced for the contractor...
Thank you! That's clear. I want to see how old my replacement traction battery really is. It was replaced by Toyota back in 2018, I noticed less capacity after replacement...
You can evaluate this HV battery data using the data from window of the Battery Return parameter. It's available of the previous version* of the diagnostic program and/or using data from the Gateway clone and data recorded on the Gateway SD card.

It would be interesting to compare SOH** values of the previous and “new” HV batteries.
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I just bought a 2014 so I'm trying to assemble all the diagnostic stuff since my local Toyota dealer didn't even want to touch the thing when it started going into emergency mode. There's not much local support for EVs where I live now but I'm moving in a few months to Chicago where finding help should be easier.