How long did you wait for a motor replacement?

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Here is our latest video on how to check the speed sensor for leaking coolant in the Tesla Large Drive Unit in your 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV. If your car is NOT on the Toyota Platinum extended warranty (VSA), this information is critical to your finances. If you do have the Toyota Platinum warranty, you will want to check that sensor before the end of your warranty, or if you prefer to not have the motor quit in the middle of a freeway.

Coolant into the motor and inverter assembly can (and has) destroyed the motor, so that it cannot be rebuilt. PERIOD. Don't be that guy or gal. Check it regularly.
My car is at Toyota Carlsbad due to a charging problem. They have not communicated with me about resolving the charging problem, but they did check the speed sensor for coolant and I need a new drive unit.

So, we will see how long it takes to get a DU. But hopefully they will fix the charging issue. I'm also waiting on a battery coolant heater since July, but none are available.
So, Toyota Carlsbad is waiting for authorization for the warranty replacement on my DU. It has a coolant leak. They also say that this could be causing the car to prevent charging, and that Tesla will not help them proceed with further diagnostics until the faulty DU is replaced. They also say the current inventory on DU replacement is -1, but they will get an estimated date once they are able to place the order. I asked them what codes they have for diagnostics and they gave the following list:

P312F, B0013, F062, F071

Anyone have any details on the above codes? Comments on the Dealer response? TIA.

BTW, they tried the "hey, the 12V battery is not a Toyota battery, we need to replace this first." I told them if they felt it necessary to replace my battery for diagnostic purposes, go ahead. But if it does not fix anything then I absolutely refuse to pay the $230 for the Toyota battery. The interstate battery in the car is less than 6 months old.

I found out today that replacing the 12V battery was not necessary.
Yes it is D0013, I probably heard them wrong on the phone. Still minimal communication with lots of misinformation from Toyota Carlsbad. I hope to hear more today. I also asked if they will replace the coolant heater with a used unit since there are no new ones available. They don't want to but I said they need to fix my car, so if no parts are available they need to do what's necessary to get it fixed. I'm sure they really enjoy speaking with me.

I tried to initiate the service visit with Dave Ramstein, but he immediately gave it back to Jennifer who has a history with my car. The history from my perspective: Picked up my car the 1st time - it was still in pieces and not ready for pickup, so I took it back. 2nd pickup it only had 10 miles of range, and it would not charge so I took it back. 3rd pickup, they fixed the charge but when I went to get my car they could not find it. I told them it was probably at the EV charger. 45 minutes later they brought me the wrong car. 10 minutes after that they found my car at the EV charger.

I really don't like dealer service even with cars that are easy. The Rav4 makes it a trying exercise.

I opened a claim with Toyota Corporate a week ago. They said the TC service manager would call me later that day but they never called.
I remember an early thread on this forum discussing this and if was noted that our motors are electromagnet motors that do not use permanent magnets. During acceleration it is normal to hear some whine caused by the current feeding the electro magnet. When starting out this noise is especially noticeable but by briefly taking your foot off the accelerator (coasting) that noise should go away.

I believe that our motors fail more for bad seals and bearings and that a motor with bad bearings would cause more of a shatter or scratchy noise.

There was also some recordings on this forum of bad bearing noise and I don't recall a whine noise. Maybe someone could find that link.
Allen said:
Was about 3-3.5 months but I have my new motor and it's whisper quiet.

When it was ready they mentioned a $550 breaker cover or something that was broken. Ok, I'm assuming it's covered cause I don't know where it is, haven't ever touched it, the only people who could have touched it was them. When I went to pick up the car they charged me for it because "broken parts" are not covered under warranty. Yeah, but you probably broke it... But I don't begrudge them making money and they worked on my motor despite having Tony's quick charger in it. They charged me around $330 or so for working around it I believe.
The breaker cover is actually part of the breaker, or fuse, under the passenger seat. They have to remove it to service the DU. I'm pretty sure they didn't re-seat it properly on mine after the DU replacement because it failed a month later. The SilverRock warranty covered me. I still had to pay $50 deductible, but better than $550.
Edit: My motor arrived at Clearwater Toyota on Friday, just 4 days after diagnosis and parts were ordered. This must be a record. The next steps are for the field tech rep to visit and complete the replacement. Cost estimate was ~$6800ish and is all covered by my Platinum VSA.

Last week my motor started to seize @ 48,000ish miles. It was bucking and making loud noise at 20-25 mph. Luckily we were very close to home so I made it back and had it towed with Roadside Assistance. It was the second motor (replaced December 2020) and only had about 12,000 miles. Toyota Clearwater got back to me today and they diagnosed it needed a new motor. Any idea what happened to make it buck? It took a lot of pedal to move it into position for the tow.

I have the Platinum VSA so the cost should be $0, but I'm thinking I'll sell it and move on. I need something reliable and I can't afford the cost of a fourth DU or worse when my VSA runs out much less the cost of a rental for how long it will take. Who's the last DU replacement and how long did it take/cost?

Anyone want to buy it when it gets fixed? It's a 2014 blizzard pearl and has JDEMO.