RAV4 EV for sale from QC Charge - Feb 1, 2020

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Nov 14, 2012
San Diego county, California USA
Available the week of Feb 1, 2020:

FOR SALE: Two 2013 Toyota RAV4 EVs (Electric Vehicle) with Tesla battery and powertrain. These cars have a range of between 100-125 miles (typical), with far more acceleration than the original gasoline or diesel powered versions. The cost to operate is pennies per mile, with all the utility of the RAV4.

*All have JdeMO™ by QC Charge, that permits the 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV to recharge in 30-45 minutes at over 27,000 fast charge stations on 5 continents and over 100 countries ($3500 value, installed and tested)

*All cars sold with fresh 12 volt battery if the battery is over 2 years old. The new battery is an improved size and capacity (we increase the size to a Group 24F high capacity deep cycle)

*All cars have either new tires, or over 70% tread remaining, unless noted

*All cars have over 50% brakes remaining, unless noted

*All cars have no history of being “totaled”, flooded, wrecked, etc, unless noted

*All cars can be equipped with trailer hitch (receiver), adequate for a small trailer or bike rack

*All cars can be equipped with an original equipment 2006-2012 Toyota RAV4 roof rack (all cars have original mountings)

*All cars have previously had the white California High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) sticker, unless noted

*All cars are available for viewing at our San Diego county, California USA location

1) $19,500 - #2123 - 2013 silver 64,000 miles, JdeMO, brand new Bridgestone tires, nice overall. Soccer mom car. Car has brand new remanufactured motor from Tesla just last month. IT WILL BE OFF TO PAINT SHOP FOR SEVERAL SMALL PAINT REPAIRS

2) $19,000 - #1834 – 2013 pearl white 66,000 miles, JdeMO, strong battery. Car has brand new remanufactured motor from Tesla, installed last month. Newer Michelin X-Tour / Defender tires. There are the usual skuff marks in the front and rear bumper facias.

SOLD - going to Los Angeles county, California USA - $21,000 - #1473 - 2012 blue 44,000 miles, JdeMO, motor replacement by Toyota under warranty. Quiet as church mouse: Super, super clean. Rarest color (blue), brand new tires. Just got out of the body shop for paint to left front fender and front bumper. THIS CAR HAS CALIFORNIA PURPLE HOV STICKER VALID THROUGH JAN 2023. Double WOW !!!

SOLD - going to San Francisco Bay Area, California USA - $15,000 - #1099 - 2012 pearl white 142,000 miles, JdeMO, new condition tires, Tesla remanufactured motor is SUPER quiet with about 60,000 miles on it. There is one small ding on both of the front fenders, but it just came out of detail shop and looks awesome. Very strong battery at 90% with Tony-Test. Estimate $1.5k body work. ELIGIBLE FOR CALIFORNIA ORNGE HOV STICKER THROUGH JAN 2024. WOW!!! This car is the deal of a lifetime.


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