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Oct 8, 2014

I live in Palo Alto, California and am looking to replace the tires for my Rav 4 EV (last year it was made - I think 2012/2013 model). I want to make sure that the tires I replace with do not affect the charge mileage I get. Tire size is 225/65R17 - I have the factory tires right now - Yokohama

Michelin Energy Saver - 65,000 mile warranty
Michelin Defender T+H - 80,000 mile warranty
Michelin Ecopia - 70,000 mile warranty
Michelin Defender LTX - 70,000 mile warranty

I am told that the T+H is a regular tire made in this size while the other tires are made for heavier SUV's.

Can you please provide me with recommendations on the top two choices?

Thanks in advance,
We've had a couple of threads on tires over the years. Some of the ones you mentioned have been used by other members:



I personally have Continental CrossContact LX20s. Good tires. No difference in range.
The Defender LTX should be avoided if you care about range.
The Michelin Energy Saver is an unremarkable tire.

I have the Defender that was available prior to the Defender T+H and am very happy with it. I have no idea what they changed when they rebranded it.
As stated above, the Continental CrossContact LX20 is also good.

If you want to get the Defender tires, I would recommend waiting for a Costco Michelin sale if you are a member, or go to America's Tire and get them to price match Tire Rack. That is what I did. To do the price match, they sold me the 4th tire for $1.
im on my 2nd set of Continental CrossContact LX20s (I put them at at 30K and 84K miles, and i probably changed them a little "early" for my 2nd set. I expect these will be the last tires on this car since Good i dont put a ton of miles on it anymore since i got my Tesla Model 3)

Good tires, much more "grippy" than the tires that came on the vehicle originally (the Geo-Squealers) and the range is within a few % of the original range.

They're special order at America's Tire but only take a couple days to get to my store (which is up in the foothills near Sacramento).
As usual it depends.
I put on the Michelin Defender LTXs because in the Seattle area we occasionally get difficult weather. February brought a foot of snow to my driveway. Also occasional trips to the mountains can incur difficult traction conditions. Yes, they cost a few percent in mileage but have proven very good for traction when the going gets tough. I have had them on for over a year and am very pleased with their performance.
My post on my Michelin choice.

I went with the Michelin X-Tour All-Season T+H 225/65R17 102(H). A lot of people like the Michelin Defender LTX. I like quiet tires, and I have two other vehicles in our fleet that are AWD that I use for the two or three weeks a year that I really need the extra traction, so I didn't go for the extra Wet/Snow feature of the LTX, though I can see the attraction for us wet coast folks. Either is a good choice. The X-Tour has a bit longer treadwear rating and probably slightly lower rolling resistance (a guess), and the LTX has better wet/snow grip at the expense of a slightly lower treadwear rating and a bit higher rolling resistance.