Toyota of Gilroy Comes Through Again

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Apr 1, 2013
San Diego, CA, USA
I'm at 91,000 miles and a couple of months until the Platinum warranty expires on my 2014, so I called a couple of places looking to extend the warranty. First I called a local dealer who kept insisting that should just trade it in instead, and finally gave me a quote for 3 years/36,000 miles @ $3995...Ugh.

So, I call Gilroy hoping that they are still selling Toyota Platinum warranties at minimal markup. I get quoted an actual Toyota Platinum warranty for an additional 4 years and 50K miles for $2165. Just like the first one it's transferable to a new owner, and I get a prorated refund if I trade the vehicle in somewhere.

He even had a third party warranty with similar length and all the same features for about $1600, but I figure on doing the Platinum warranty.
Ummmm...Spoke too soon. When I called back to execute the contract, I was told they are only allowed to do it in person, now. Dude there is totally nice, and is trying to see if he can work something out for me.