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Dec 31, 2018
Pacific Palisades, CA
Has anyone had luck fitting a Weathertech Cargo Liner in the RAV4 EV?

I would have thought it would use the same cargo liner as the 2012 or 2013 Rav4 ICE. I bought one and it doesn't fit at all.

The front and passenger mats fit perfectly.

Not surprising. The battery is under the rear floor and so my understanding is that it is completely different from the regular RAV. Last year I was able to still find the regular RAV4EV front floor mats at a local dealer. I wasn't shopping for the rear, unfortunately, and I wasn't looking for weatherproof ones.

My guess is that you would have to find some new old stock somewhere, assuming anybody made weatherproof rear RAV4EV mats.
The 2012-2014 RAV4 EVs were all made from the third generation RAV4 platform (2006-2012); you will need to use that range of model year when ordering any RAV4 accessories. If you try to match a MY 2013 or 2014 EV using those '13/'14 years, you will end up with a fourth generation part that likely will not fit.

The sheet metal between the EV and non-EV versions is unchanged; the battery does not encroach on or change any existing structures. For instance, at least one person has added third row seating (an available option on the gas RAVs) to their RAV4 EV using factory parts.
So maybe my screwup was trying to use 2013 as a fit. If I had tried a 2012, I might have gotten it to work?

I may try it again.

I questioned the previous email about the cargo area. My 2014 cargo area is nowhere near the battery. It has a nice storage area underneath.

Thanks so much for this reply. Your number is for a 2012 and earlier. I ordered a 2013 model and it didn't fit at all.
I thought all the Rav4 EVs were the same but I guess they are not.

Our RAV4 EVs (2012-2014) are all built on the 3rd Gen XA30 platform (2006-2012 USA; 2006-2016 Japan). So, ordering chassis parts for it means you always have to assume you're ordering for a 2012 (or older) RAV4, unless your ordering platform offers "RAV4 EV" as an option.