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Nov 5, 2016
Just took my Electric Rav4 into a Toyota Dealership after "Check EV System" warning came on and they told me that the Tesla Battery pack needs replacing at $40,000. It has 100,000 miles on it and has been a great car. Anyone know if this error code is terminal? The Tesla battery pack seems to hold a good amount of miles on it before the error code so it must be something internal to the battery pack? Any ideas of who would want a dead Rav4 Ev?
BMS_f063 is a fault with the pre-charge circuit. If this is the only fault shown, the remedy per the service manual is 'replace high voltage battery pack'. Without further diagnostics, it's impossible to know if the fix could be a replaceable part, although in all likelihood it would at least involve removing and servicing the battery pack, something no dealership would ever tackle.

These vehicles are notorious for having false alerts due to a low 12V battery. I would suggest unhooking the 12V battery (which should also clear any Tesla-side faults like this BMS fault) and putting the battery on a 12V charger/tender overnight, then see if the fault re-appears.

If you're still interested in letting this vehicle go for a reasonable price, feel free to PM me.
I had to disconnect the 12V battery to turn the car off. I guess I could have Toyota take the 12V battery out and charge it but it is relatively new. This is what they wrote up, " Went out to vehicle and the 12V battery was disconnected. Connected it and tried to power on the vehicle, found it clicked a couple of times but the ready light went out and "Check EV system" warning light came up. Connected scan tool to normal DLC-3 connector and performed a health check, pulled code C1241 from ABS ecu for low battery voltage and P312F in the EV system. This is an indirect code, indicating a fault is present in the Tesla side. Got the Tesla cable and connected it to the vehicle but no codes were present. Had to try to power up the vehicle and an alert code set BMS-F063 for precharge failure. Checked the repair manual and this code indicates the only repair is a new EV battery, no diagnostic procedure is provided."
Pay attention to this list of possible causes for code BMS_f063 https://alflash.com.ua/2019/to_rav4ev/bms_f063.png
Statistically, its most common cause is faulty contactor(s)