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Todd said:
My 2014 with 50,500 miles has been at dealer with this warning message since Saturday afternoon. Unlike others who've had the message pop up and they can continue driving, mine appeared when I attempted to start the vehicle and I was not able to start it. We were barely able to get it into Neutral to load it on the flatbed. It was towed to Cabe Toyota in Long Beach, CA. They determined the 12 Volt battery was dead but vehicle generated other error codes that after Toyota Techs reviewed, it was decided a new main battery was needed along with the 12 Volt battery. Driving a 2016 Camry while I await the battery's arrival and installation.
After 3 weeks at the dealer, Cabe Toyota, we're thrilled to be back in our 2014 Rav4 EV. We were at 50,500 when the double failure occurred. A new traction battery from Tesla was installed along with a new 12 Volt battery. We were in a 2016 Camry SE for 3 weeks and while it's a nice sedan, I prefer the all electric Rav4 EV.

While I have no pictures of the traction battery, clink link below to see the Toyota 84 month 12 volt battery they installed for $100.00
It appears my battery died. The dealership picked one up from Tesla yesterday, hope to have it back by end of this week.

I have extended Toyota warranty on my car, but I think the normal warranty covers it anyway. Battery is 10/100K maybe?
cossie1600 said:
It appears my battery died. The dealership picked one up from Tesla yesterday, hope to have it back by end of this week.

I have extended Toyota warranty on my car, but I think the normal warranty covers it anyway. Battery is 10/100K maybe?

How many miles did you have?
I had a new EV battery installed yesterday. Originally I thought I was seeing my range going up quite a bit, yet after further driving. It appears the new EV battery is smaller than my old one? On full charge with a full battery reset, I am only seeing 108 miles on the screen starting, about 89-90 with extended charge off. Did Tesla swap a smaller battery in or limit the battery further.
Not sure car just failed

I redid the battery test overnight it's back to normal now showing 143miles
Ok just talked to toyota after having car towed in this weekend , car would not start. It had died on freeway last month at 65 mph and did restart after many tries and toyota couldnt find a problem. Well today they say i need a new battery pack. Anyone had one replaced and how long did it take? Thanks Tommy 2014 25k on car
Sorry to hear that. I had mine replaced back in late Feb of this year. All together it took two and a half weeks- most of that was waiting on Tesla to drop ship a battery. Once received, it took two days for the techs to replace.
Car failed to start/drive temporarily twice about a month apart. Took it in to elcajon Toyota to read error codes and they told me it needed a new 12v battery. They replaced it for 150 bucks. I picked it up and a day later it failed to start/drive but this time wouldn't start even after hours of trying. Took it in, needs a new tesla battery. That was 10 days ago. Excited to have a new battery. Wonder if it's an improvement from 4 years ago.
So like most of you here, I was very excited to get my RAV4 EV and cruise along on clean energy. I live in Las Vegas And purchased my vehicle from Carmax on Sept. 2015. a little over a week ago the vehicle dies and it turns into a giant brick. With the classic error message ( Check EV system - have your vehicle checked by a dealership immediately ) Then today I'm contacted by my Toyota rep whos located in CA and says they found a damaged cell and the battery needs to be replacement under warranty. At first I was happy that I was getting a new battery since the miles on it are 42K. Then he said I am responsible for shipping the vehicle to the Ontario location and cost. Which completely sucks. I'm on loaner now and need to figure out if it's worth keeping the RAV4 after all said and done or sell it and move on till the tech improves. This is really frustrating,.
At this point you might as well get the battery replaced and keep the car. You would take a big loss if you sold it before getting it fixed, much more than the shipping cost to CA. You could then decide to keep it or sell it for a much better price than if it was dead.
I think I would ask for the address and show up with a rented car trailer behind my truck ;)

Either way I would get the battery after a bit of grumbling.
I found a auction shipper through UShip and will be sending to Toyota John Elway Ontario for the warranty battery replacement. You guys are right, get the battery then see about selling it later on. I'll keep you posted how the experience moves on for me.