Toyota Pearl White pealing?? Take it back to dealer (if you're the OG owner) and have them re-paint!

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Aug 27, 2013
Since I posted my thread in the "who still owns a Rav" here..
Some have been asking me about how I got it done? Basically between 2008 to (whenever??) but 2018 or so... almost EVERY toyota.. Camry, Corolla, Rav, etc.. painted with the Pearl White was crap and WILL start to come off, peal, etc.. and all ORIGINAL registered owners were sent letters from Toyota corp about this (I received a letter back in 2019 and though nothing of it)... but then... around 2020 or C19 times.. BAM!!

Our Rav started to peal like no tomorrow.. so Hamer Toyota (corp toy) agreed to take it in, and re-paint the ENTIRE car... This was July 15th-2021

Got it back 2+ weeks later... here was the result...

So looks good, fine whatever.. now its 2023 and I start seeing "cancer spots" again... ugh :mad:
Call Hammer and talk to them.. and they put in a claim with Toy-Corp.. and they denied it cause they said """they already paid and fulfilled their contractual agreement to repaint the car and if Hamer picked a bad shop then they have to re-do it themselves" :p

So the shop Hammer had under contract was Caliber Collision at the time... and they are the ones that did the 2021 re-paint... so now Hammer took the car to an ""Official" Toyota shop and paid for it out of their pocket.. and now its home..

Long story short.. If you're an original owner (don't know if 2nd or 3rd party counts) then you can get ANY Toyota with Pearl White re-done...

Google it up.. and good luck !!
Note that the primary coverage for this campaign expired Dec 11, 2022, and the secondary coverage (ie last chance to get paint fixed) expires 10 years from the date of when the vehicle was first placed into service.
Repainting the Rav4EV and driving their loaner car. Thanks Toyota.

I managed to see another Rav4EV at my workplace yesterday and did what I saw someone else on this forum did. I gave them my name and number and put it on the windshield. I thought that was cool. I was working in hospital in Martinez, CA yesterday. I haven't attempted driving there from Sonoma since getting my Rav$EV out of the shop.

My maiden voyage of that commute was a flop after the power dissipated rapidly and all power was lost while I was crossing the Carquinez Bridge. I managed to coast off the freeway to a beautiful lookout looking back at Vallejo and tow the car to the dealership where it stayed 11 months. I am still trying to discern what was done to the car. I understand that the dealership called in a favor to hack into the Tesla portion in order to reset it before it would charge again. I am waiting to discover if Toyota will be paying the bill for that year of boarding my car. I am still on the hook for $2211 for the service until I hear otherwise. One month after getting the The Rav$EV back it is sitting at the Toyota body shop for the repainting of the White defected paint. Fingers crossed, I'll be driving it again someday.